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High Speeds

We use the most advanced PON ( Passive optical network) for our last mile delivery. In addition to very high speeds , your network is impervious to all hostile weather conditions. You are assured of full subscribed bandwidth always unlike copper based last mile solutions like LAN , EOC or wireless solutions like wifi , 3g/4g and satellite.

High availability

State of art network operations center with advanced radius server enables us to scale easily. WE aggregate bandwidth from different providers. Automatic failover ensures high bandwidth and availability even in case of a service disruption of a vendor. We can provide service anywhere in India with a reliable network of partners.

Value added services

With our internet services as our backbone , we offer a multitude of value added services like VOIP , VPN , Digital signage, Cloud computing services like Virtual servers and cloud storage. We can also expand the service area using advanced wireless technology like in the case of wireless campus networks ,cafes , restaurants ,malls and public places.

Customer service

We constantly monitor our network for congestion and proactively solve the issues. In a market faced with fierce competition , we strive to stand out of the crowd by exemplary customer service starting from installation to attending to your special requirements. Our interactive on line forum provides prompt resolution of customer problems.

Our team


Like to bring new technologies to India.


He takes customer satisfaction very seriously.


Unlimited energy and enthusiasm to connect every home to internet.


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