Kerala govt issues order to set up Hardware Mission, appoints special officer

In the run-up to make Kerala a Hardware and Electronics Manufacturing Hub and to set the ground to offer free internet to economically backward families, the state government has issued an order to set up the Hardware Mission. As per the government order (GO), ICFOSS director C Jayasankar Prasad is appointed as special officer with the mandate to set up the Hardware mission.
It may be recalled that the Finance Minister Thomas Isaac in the latest budget had announced that Hardware mission will be allotted Rs 1 crore and 12 hardware parks will be set up. He also indicated that the aim is to make Kerala a hardware and electronics manufacturing hub and to bridge the digital divide by offering free internet to 20 economically poor families. Now, this GO issued on Aug 1 is a prelude to that by leveraging the facilities required to make it a reality, industry officials indicate.


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